What is 50out?

Conflicts End.

It happened in Northern Ireland, it’s happening in Colombia, and it will happen here too.

50 years have passed since the Six Day War, at the end of which we found ourselves in control of a civilian population and over territories that are not part of the State of Israel.

50-Out is a forum of organizations that have joined together to leverage this 50th anniversary in order to make real change. The forum fosters public discussion and encourages action to end Israel’s rule over the Palestinians.

The forum amplifies the voice of Israelis who know that our control over the Palestinians will come to an end. Will it occur in this 50th year? The choice is ours as is the possibility to take action and make change.

This website serves as a platform for all the events, initiatives and campaigns that will be taking place in the coming year related to the 50th anniversary of Israel’s military rule over the Palestinians.

We invite organizations, institutions, activists and citizens to make use of the website, to stay informed about the various activities and also post an activity, event or any other initiative related to this issue.

The website was established by Shatil and SISO and is a product of the collaboration between the organizations in the 50-Out forum.