Who said that conflicts end?

For decades, South Africa was ruled by an apartheid regime. Fear, hatred and violence were the lot of the country’s residents throughout that period. Finally, after paying a steep social, economic and diplomatic price – negotiations began that led to the first multiracial elections held in the country and the conflict came to end.

The Salvadoran civil war was one of most barbarous the world had ever seen. Horrific war crimes were committed during this violent conflict between Marxist forces, the national army and extremist death squads, resulting in a heavy death toll. After tens of thousands of people lost their lives, a national reconciliation process was agreed upon and this conflict was ultimately resolved as well.

France conquered Algeria in 1830, leading to a long period of colonization. Hundreds of thousands of French citizens settled in Algeria and over time they viewed it as their homeland. The native Algerians began to rebel against French rule in the 20th century, marking the start of a violent and brutal conflict. Following hundreds of thousands of casualties and the wholesale destruction of the country’s infrastructures, France decided to grant independence to the Algerian people and the conflict came to an end.

Three decades of animosity, violence and terrorism fueled the ethno-religious conflict in Northern Ireland. Catholics and Protestants, both Irish and British, fought to the bitter end over this bloodstained part of the world. Eventually, Bloody Sunday turned into Good Friday – and this conflict also ceased to exist.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will also end because conflicts do end, and 50 years after the Six Day War – the end is in sight. It may be difficult for us to see that happening. It may appear that our conflict is unique, unlike any other in the world and unsolvable. But in other conflicts as well, at first they thought there was no partner, that the situation couldn’t be resolved, and they would have to live by the sword forever – until the conflict came to an end. And when will it happen here? During the 50th year or during the 100th year? That is up to us.